The first piece and the start of the second

Here is the first one, a swatch, as you can see it didn’t go exactly to plan. Took me quite a few rows to figure out how to not add stitches at every turn. But after learning to count stitches regularly the problem kind of resolved itself!

After that one I decided it’s time for a wearable project, so I chose some worsted weight 100% acrylic yarn in 3 colors (green, gray and purple) and using #8 needles am slowly knitting my way through it. The original directions in Stitch and Bitch called for much different yarn and needles but hey, I like to improvise. So for this one I am using 30 stitches by 20 rows. After 4 weeks of intermittent work, once I finish the purple square I’m working on I will be halfway done.

My attempts at knitting are most encouraging! I have found YouTube to be a great source of help for learning new techniques. The directions in the book are good, but the complicated hand movements are too much for my brain to comprehend in still picture form.


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