Review – Dessa’s new album ‘Castor the Twin’

If you have not heard of Dessa and enjoy thought provoking hip hop, female MC’s, poetry set to music, or feminist music then you should purchase some of her music. Any of it really as everything I’ve heard by her is fabulous and considering the range of music she makes that’s saying something. If you have heard her and own her other albums you should still pick this one up.

This new album is yet another direction and although there is only one previously unreleased track as a teaser for her new album, it’s still thoroughly enjoyable. It is entirely acoustic, with her touring ensemble(Sean McPherson, Dustin Kiel, and Joey Van Phillips) and her oft-appearing guest singer Aby Wolf. I got the privilege to see this performed live, (excepting ‘Beekeeper’ off the forthcoming 2012 album) at the East Bank Music Festival this past summer and it was extraordinary to experience. Standing in a crowd of at least a couple hundred people it made me feel as if I were standing alone, surrounded by the music.

None of the songs sound like they do on their official releases, while obviously similar each has it’s own variation on the original and gives a different perspective of how that song could sound. The vocals are a bit rougher, the album sounds less polished which I found to be a good thing. Since this is an acoustic album the roughness conveys a warmth and sincerity which is so often lacking in the current musical world of pitch correcting and ¬†tweaking until everything sounds just so. It feels natural.

So in essence what I’m saying is, it’s well worth the purchase price.

Check it out!


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