I’m a 20 something geek, engaged to a fabulously awesome man and I have an adorable and everlastingly curious 3 year old who I hope will also join the ranks of the nerds.

The name of the blog is not just a clever mash up, I do tend more towards the…shall we say interesting on the sanity scale. But that’s what I’ve got my meds for! They help. Mostly. If I feel gutsy I may post about it.

I write because I can and I blog because I enjoy spitting out my random thoughts into the swirling blinky void that is the internets.

You can count on exactly nothing when it comes to what kind of posts might be languishing in my feed, anything from a feminist commentary on the most recent video game I’ve been playing to pics of this year’s cosplay efforts. I spare no corner of my tumultuous life in rooting through it for blog fodder.

I go through fits and spurts with my blogging, occasionally I pour forth with the posts and sometimes I wander away for months at a time. I always hope that I’ll be able to do it consistently and write better content for a good audience, maybe this time it will all come together for me, eh?

So enjoy, I hope you find something interesting to gander at. Even if it’s just my silly inanity.


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