National Novel Writing Month

I have decided to take the giant leap and attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I contemplated also attempting to do National Blog Posting Month again this year but that seems like entirely too much to do in one month. We shall see though. I fear by the end I will be wringing by brain out in the sink to try to get a few last drops of creative juice out to throw on the screen.
At the least I can probably blog about the process I’m using. That will be helpful to…you know…lots of people? Or no one. Either way it’s cool.
I finally finished a short story a few months ago and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. That one was inspired by one sentence that I really liked the sound of, and initially I thought well I’ll just do that again! Then I thought about it some more and realized trying to craft an entire novel without any forethought beforehand is maybe a bad idea. So I did an outline and I’m really hoping this thing will come together.
But I’ll be happy if I can get 50k words out regardless. Even if it’s trash. 🙂
If any of you reading this are also planning to NaNoWriMo, Good Luck!


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