Friday Linkfest – YA fiction and other stuff

It’s Friday!!! and that is w007astic my friends. It’s been a long week, but there has been a lot of interesting things to read so it will make for a lengthy linkfest. In honor of the first part of the last Twilight movie there has been rampant criticism of the series and YA fiction in general going on. I’m not a fan of Twilight, I know enough about it to know it would not be enjoyable for me and a waste of time. I do love to read people’s criticism because I have read enough terrible YA fiction to know how true said criticism almost certainly is. There are a few links covering this because amazingly enough there is so much going on with Twilight and YA in general that there are several angles to cover.

We start out with In Which a Girl Reads – Why YA Romance Needs to Change.

Move on to bookshop’s – Bad Romance (or YA and Rape Culture)

And end with the wonderful as always FILM CRIT HULK:HULK VS TWILIGHT. This post is the only one that focuses solely on Twilight but damn is it great. Well worth the long read.

These may all seem like the same article but they truly aren’t. Each discusses different but intersecting facets of the kind of YA fiction that Twilight is and has made popular.

This post which I’m linking to here is not directly about YA fiction but it’s certainly about the rape culture that YA fiction often feeds. It is powerful and speaks truth articulately, I feel I would be remiss in not linking to it because it’s worth being read by everyone. If you read nothing else on this linkfest, read this.

I’m a frank and unapologetic atheist and skeptic along with being a feminist, amazingly enough they sometimes run in the same circles. Unfortunately women in those communities often face the same bullying they face everywhere else in life and when I see things like what Jen at Blag Hag is responding to it makes my blood boil. She handles it much better then I would with a thoughtful reasoned response.

I wrote about gaming sites a while back and formed some different opinions of Kotaku then The Border House, but I think the time frame for when the writer of that article vs myself have been reading. But the criticism still stands and I agree wholeheartedly with it. After reading the post I feel a bit differently about that site then I did before, which is the whole point of reading this stuff for me. Opening eyes to others opinions and all that.

Ars Technica updates us with a hopeful Supreme Court case involving naughty words being allowed on TV. May it win through because censorship, especially stupid arbitrary censorship is never a good thing.

And finally some hilarity to start the weekend off right, from Our Valued Customers a comic blog about the shit you overhear when you work in a comic book store complete with pictures.

It’s funny because it’s true. When I worked in a local comic book store I heard stuff like this all too often, and then I would laugh about it once they had left the store.

Enjoy the weekend!


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