Knitting update

(I’m a little late for Saturday’s post in regards to NaBloPoMo, but I’m still up so it counts for the 5ths post  damnit!)


Knitting! Some updates on my latest crafty fun time.

In the past couple months I’ve been knitting I’ve completed a few projects. I did a scarf for myself which I am now not so fond of. First attempts at things usually are judged quite harshly after one has developed a bit of skill and that scarf is no exception. It shan’t be shown here.

I then attempted a scarf for the Kid which turned out much better. It was a simple 2×2 rib design using a turquoise Lamb’s Pride Chunky weight 85% wool 15% mohair. The best part is the the Kid picked the color himself!

I then went through a horrible time of rage and self doubt when I tried to make him a hat out of the same yarn. I frogged 2 different projects about 20 rows in because they were both FAR too big. Finally I was able to make it work with this pattern. w007! It turned out well in construction but sadly he’s not so keen on wearing it because in his words, “It’s too itchy mama”. So. Lesson learned. Anything that gets made for the Kid is done in a merino wool, which is soft and not itchy in the slightest.

Next up is a hat I made for me. I was at my local LYS and found some gorgeous Malabrigo variegated merino yarn. The hat was mostly a success, turned out a wee bit too short but it’s still wearable and lovely. The picture below doesn’t do justice to the colors

Hat for me!

My latest project is for the Fiance. His turn for a handknitted item has come. He takes the bus too and from work and is out very early in the morning when it’s especially frigid here in Minnesota. It’s always frigid in late fall and winter and early spring and sometimes late spring…but at 6 am waiting for the bus it’s fucking nigh on unbearable. He’s a smoker and lurves his smartphone oh so much so I wanted to make something that he could easily use his fingers and still keep his hands relatively warm. For a while I considered the convertible mittens with the cover that can hang off the back but I couldn’t find a pattern I liked and making the little finger bits seemed like a big challenge. He needed them asap so I wanted something I could complete quickly without getting frustrated and moving on to something else for a bit. Luckily I found these. I ended up using a worsted wool instead of fingering for warmth (thank you for the suggestion lady at the LYS!) and decreased the size to 44 stitches in the round. One is done and the other is about halfway.

Mitts in progress, with bonus FatCat!

So far these go well. Not too much back peddling and I will probably get them done in less then 2 weeks start to finish. Which is great because with Xmas coming up I’m hoping to make at least a few presents for friends and family. If I can find the time of course.


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