Halloween 2011

Halloween is over :(. I’ve come to appreciate it a lot more since I became a mama. It’s fun to have an excuse to get dressed up and party (but I do that at conventions throughout the year so it’s not my only one) but it’s far more satisfying to see how excited The Kid gets and to take him around to get his yearly donations of candy as homage to his cuteness. This is his third year we trick or treating and he’s gotten noticeably better at it since the first time. He said the magic phrase of trick or treat at almost every house this year and only shied away from one well decorated place.

Mini Batman!

I also got to carve my first pumpkin! It was much slimier then I expected but also fun. The Fiance carved one too and The Kid drew on 3 little ones to look like our family. Mine is the smaller one on the left.

Family Pumpkins

Now that Halloween is over it is time to find some more fall art projects to do. We did lots of Halloween crafts and will need to do some more to keep the house decorated. One of my favorite parenting blogs is The Artful Parent and she has a couple great ideas I’m hoping to try out.

Autumn Leaves Stained Glass

Fall Leaf Art:Masking Tape Trees and Leaf Prints


I grew up in a fluctuatingly  religious house hold. Some years Halloween was allowed and others it wasn’t but it was never celebrated with much ado. I feel like I missed out not getting to do that every year so it’s important for me to celebrate it with The Kid every year. We also weren’t into decorating in my house or artsy kind of stuff so I try to make sure we do art at least a few times a week, especially now that he is with me full time. It’s hard to find new projects but blogs and the interwebs are a big help.






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