Review – Wheel of Time:Towers of Midnight

Minor Spoiler Alert!


This is a fantastic penultimate book. Sanderson has done admirably continuing on where Jordan left off. The characters are just as fully developed and the story is moving a long at a great pace. I’ve read (and am currently reading) Sanderson’s other work and feel that Harriet made a great choice when she picked him to continue on the legacy.
Rand has finally moved on to being the Hero we were hoping for, Perrin goes through a transformation experience that has to be read to be believed and Mat (my favorite) continues to be his irascible contrary self.
The pace increases in this novel, Tarmon Gaidon is no longer somewhere on the horizon it is a destination that is not so distant and rapidly coming closer. Turmoil within the White and Black Towers continues and the Seanchan are still a force that must be reckoned with. Trollocs boil forth into the Borderlands and a blight spreads over the earth. For all of the urgency that runs through every line plenty of plot threads that have been dangling a long while (some may say far too long) are wrapped up in this one. Amazingly enough though Sanderson still manages to include a few wholly new plot twists that to me were welcome developments.
Although Sanderson is amazing at writing for Jordon there are some differences. At times the dialogue is delivered in ways that don’t seem to quite fit the characters. The fast pace is enjoyable considering there was one or 2 of the older books that seemed to push the story along at a snails pace but at times it is a bit overwhelming to be discovering so much in such a short time frame.
Although we don’t find answers to some of fans long unanswered questions (Who killed Asmodean damnit?!) there is more then enough here to please longtime fans and keep us hungering for the next novel.


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