What I’m playing – Akimbo Paddles!

After a much loved day off I’m back to work today. I spent most of my day off deep cleaning the new place with Fiance, a good use of the time but not very satisfying for the part of me that enjoys lazing around.

Here’s something to get your brain pondering.

Just like in the article, if big companies won’t necessarily spend the money for development and advertising on something that breaks the status quo, indie development teams have taken up the torch for making sometimes bizarre, unique and often beautiful games. Most of these however are only available over the Playstation Network or Xbox Live and because they are at the max $15 it is much easier for me to justify purchasing them. Some are only $1! But the old caveat usually applies in this case; you get what you pay for.

Such as in Akimbo Paddles!

Cost – $1

Why? – An indie game the Fiancé downloaded from the Xbox live game site on accident.

How was it – It’s an interesting game. And by interesting I mean I don’t know whether it was hilariously enjoyable for its random game play, musical score (if you can call it that) and art design, or inane and ridiculous for all the same reasons.

The idea behind the game is similar to pinball, use 2 moving platforms to keep various kinds of balls in the air for either a predetermined length of time or to eliminate the balls by bouncing them against each other. Sometimes both. It’s 24 levels, each increasingly difficult. I played it for about 45 minutes and beat all but a few levels as I lost interest before getting them done. It’s challenging and somewhat frustrating after a while but I will however complete the game for one reason only; to get access to the music. A band named The Thorn and Tear do the soundtrack and secretly I think the whole game may have been constructed as a vehicle for people to hear their music.

Really there are only a couple more things to know about this game. Godzilla with ping pong paddles and troll hunting. If that doesn’t attract you, then you should probably stay away.

The results of exhaustive study? It was worth the dollar just for the amusing music.


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