We are watching…

Eureka on Netflix.

I’ve been watching this on and off for a couple years now, it’s one of the best SyFy shows in existance, not up to Battlestar Galactica standards but really not much can compare with that one. Plus it’s not the same kind of show. I introduced the Fiance to it and he is also a fan now.

Eureka is a story about a regular Sheriff in a town filled with super geniuses to put it succinctly. It’s a kind of serial cop drama/comedy/sci-fi/gadget pr0n all mixed together to become something that is both slightly predictable but still fabulously entertaining. The characters are well developed for the most part and the writing is generally good with only a few bad one liners every so often. But the acting is where the show really shines.

Colin Ferguson plays Jack Carter (the Sheriff and main protagonist) to perfection, a difficult thing to do as it would be easy to overplay Jack and have it come off as a bumbling idiot. Always sincere without being fake about it. After watching the show I have developed quite the geek crush for him as an actor along the lines of my love of Nathan Fillion, but not quite as bad.

See? Yum yum tasty!

All of the actors are excellent and play their roles to the hilt. The antagonist in the first few season, Nathan Stark makes you hate him and slightly admire how dedicated he is to, well, whatever it is he is working towards. Carter’s daughter Zoe is sassy and annoying as the LA teenager trying to fit in although there are times when I wish they could flesh out her character a bit more.  I could go on and on as there are a ton of good characters but I”m lazy and want to get on with the review!

The special effects deserve a note as well, they are very well done (especially for a SyFy channel show), not too flashy and for the most part believable within the context of the show. It was nominated for an Emmy for whatever that’s worth.

The science in the show is a big part of the appeal for me, it’s fun and accessible without dumbing things down (I’m sure it’s simplistic to an actual scientist but to a slightly educated layman it sure feels fancy). More realistic then the usual TV sci fi in the language and science it references, there is usually an episode or two each season devoted to the current newsmaking sciencey type thing. The Large Hadron Collider makes an appearance at one point in an episodic story line.

On the downside the show is a bit formulaic, as the first few issues you see pop up in an episode are almost inevitably linked to the resolution. The general storyline (as opposed to the episodes happenings) has a slow pace and takes place mostly in the background.

Overall the show is well worth at least a test viewing and in my experience it’s a show I can rewatch every couple years or so. I’m excited there will be a5th season!


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