Halloween Funtime also Fantasy Squee!

My absolute favorite ‘holiday’ is Halloween. I used to be a pagan so for me this is the start of the new year, in my head anyway if not in reality. I will be busy busy this weekend moving more shtuff, going to a Halloween party at my friends house on Saturday evening and trick or treating on Sunday with the Kid.  And you can be assured that pictures of costumes will be posted.

I wanted to share some of the good Halloween related links I’ve come across this week.

26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist

Cracked FTW on this article, there is at least an hour of links to click through there.

13 Most Improbably ‘Sexy’ Comic Book Costumes

To combat the sexy everything here is my favorite comic website’s ideas for costumes the Halloween companies are missing out on making.

Halloween Baking Fun

I hope to at least attempt one of these this weekend, but it will be so busy I don’t have too much hope. But oh my do they all look noms noms noms.

King Arthur Flour’s Halloween Baking Ideas

For those who want to perk up their decorating skills, here are some nifty ideas.

Also in belated news that really is in no way related to Halloween, The Hobbit film has been confirmed as proceeding in New Zealand and Bilbo will be played by, this guy. Fucking w007sauce! I for one will be seeing it, probably 4 or 5 times.



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