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Local Music – Mark Mallman and his Epic Rock Journey


I’m new to the wonderous noise that is Mallman’s music (thanks Fiance O’ Mine!) and to hear it those who know me may wonder at my enjoyment.
But to those I say, you just haven’t seen this dude live! I’ve been to many a show in my 10 years of secular concert viewing (and anything before that I will never admit to) and no one, absofuckinglutely no one puts on a show like him. It’s not often you see a man literally riding his keyboard or hefting it far above his head in triumphant joy at the end of a show, but this and so much more will you see at a Mark Mallman concert.
Please see the attached slightly blurry pictures as proof. And yes that person is in rat suites at the edge of the stage. It was a dancer!

If you are in the Twin Cities area this weekend I highly encourage you to go and view with your own 2 eyes Mark Mallman breaking a world record (again!) by playing a 78 hour marathon. 4 days at the Turf Club, check it out if can.


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